Christopher Schmidt: GIS and Web Hacker

I am a professional web application developer, and have spent the past several years developing server and client side tools for the creation of web applications, especially applications which relate to mapping. Some of my most visible work over the past year is in the OpenLayers/TileCache/FeatureServer stack, a collection of open source tools designed to help users build mapping applications.


I currently work for HERE (a Nokia business) on their Local Search platform.

Older Open Source Projects

I have experience in a variety of technologies, developed over many years: I have worked on projects ranging from mobile location services to the semantic web, from Python examples to PHP applications on the Ning platform. These days, I work largely with Python on the server, Javascript on the client, and GIS as the application area.


You may have stumbled into me because of seeing some of my photography. I'm an amateur photographer, and most of my photos can be found online via my Flickr Account. Note that any public photos are released under a CC-By-SA license. This means that you can use them in any way you wish, so long as you allow others to do the same, and give credit to me.

I do ask that if you use my photography, you drop me a note to let me know when and where you're using it - I do love to see people getting use out of my work.


I'm a married stepfather of two, living in Cambridge, MA. In general, my more personal observations on life take place in my LiveJournal. (LiveJournal is an online journalling site -- specifically for me, it's the online journalling site where I met my wife.)

My Flickr photos show snapshots of life.

Older Projects

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